Jaime Jones

Jamie Jones
Illustrator Jaime Jones studied at the Corcoran College of Art and has worked for companies like Arenanet, and currently Bungie, as well as doing freelance work for Wizards of the Coast, Image Comics, Alderac Entertainment and others.

Jones works primarily digitally and his online galleries are divided into sections like Digital Paintings, Digital Sketches and Old Work and includes a section of drawings and sketches in Traditional Media.

In his primary Digital Painting galleries you’ll find a nice crisp approach to digital rendering; that often carries a feeling of painterly brushstrokes and spattered textures. His background renderings are often atmospheric; with enough suggestions of detail to ground them in tactile reality without weighing them down.

As often seems to be the case with digital artists, some of the most interesting images are in the section for digital sketches including studies after Bouguereau, Corot, Degas and Alma-Tadema.

There is a brief interview on Irene Gallo’s blog, The Art Department as well as an additional gallery of Jone’s work on the Tor.com site.


4 Replies to “Jaime Jones”

  1. Jaime spells his name ai with just an e at the end.

    It’s great that you posted this article covering his work – I’ve been a fan for a long time! Thanks.

  2. I worked with Jaime at Arena Net. He’s one of the most passionate motivated artists I have ever met. I learned a lot about art from him, even though he’s like ten years younger than I am. Super nice guy too.

    Congrats on the L&C mention Jaime!

  3. Jaime is a beast!
    I remember once back at ArenaNet, I went into his room to just to shoot the poop, we talked the whole time while he continued to quickly paint a beautiful interior of this grandiose cave. He just made it seem easy and natural it made me sick =).

    We also had an ongoing debate as to who was the better draftsman, Rubens or Sargent.

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