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Shy the Sun: Bakers Animation

Shy the Sun: Bakers AnimationShy the Sun, the South African animation production company formed around the talents of Ree Treweek and Jannes Hendrikz from the Black Heart Gang, has produced a new animated TV spot, this one for Bakers Precious Biscuits.

See my previous post on Shy the Sun’s Sea Orchestra spot for United Airlines.

The new spot dovetails live shots into the computer animation and seems to rely a bit less on drawing, but brings to bear the quirky visionary talents of the Black Heart team in a short tale of dropped cookies that waken a forest populated with storybook characters.

Little Bo Peep, the Owl and the Pussycat, the Dish and the Spoon and a host of others come out to indulge in the cookies in the midst of a delightfully oddball fairy tale forest.

It might be fun just to go through and see how many references there are to particular fairy tales, fables and children’s classic storybooks like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. (See if you can catch the dish making a face and hat for himself out of cookies.)

See my previous post on the Blackheart Gang’s Tale of How and illustrator Ree Treweek (also here). You can also see the Tale of How on Vimeo now.

This is obviously a group effort. Some of the credits are: Client: Bakers, Agency: Ogilvy, Johannesburg, Animation Directors: Jannes Hendrikz and Ree Treweek (Shy the Sun)
Production House: Blackginger, Live Action Director: Bruce Paynter (Cab Films); and the full credits are listed on the Shy the Sun project page along with the video.

[Link courtesy of Shy the Sun producer Nina Pfeiffer]