Jamie Caliri (update)

Though not the mini-masterpiece of its predecessor, the latest animated closing film credit from director Jamie Caliri is still a nifty piece of paper cut-out animation.

The closing credits for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa can be viewed on a terrific site called Forget the film, watch the titles, that I’ve written about before here and here.

Caliri’s previous animated movie title sequence, the closing credits for Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events was one of the best short sequences of animation I’ve seen in some time; as was his wonderful ad for United Airlines called Dragon, which I wrote about in my previous post on Jamie Caliri.

There is a short on The Making of Dragon on the same page as the short itself on the United Airlines site, and some production photos and full credits on Caliri’s site.

There is also a page devoted to information about the Lemony Snicket credits.

All of them were done with paper cut-out stop-motion animation, a wonderful antidote to the overload of hyper-kinetic 3-D CGI animation that we’re being inundated with on all fronts; and a clear reminder that it’s imagination and skill that make good animation, not expensive technology.


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