Leong Wan Kok

Leong Wan Kok
Leong Wan Kok is a Malaysian comics artist and illustrator currently living in Kuala Lumpur.

His wonderfully eccentric and at times intricately detailed images combine stylized, cartoon-like figures with intense rendering.

His darkly bizarre subject matter is accentuated by his choice of a dark palette and lots of textural variation, and highlighted with accents of higher chroma colors.

His website, 1000tentacles.com, is shared with illustrator pH Khor, though credits are not given for individual pieces.

The gallery suffers from one of those interfaces in which you must click on each individual thumbnail and wait for a JavaScript to open a new window, load the image, resize and reposition the window, then close and repeat the process for each image. You may find it easier at first to browse his gallery on CGSociety, though the web site has many more pieces, organized in categories for Comic, Illustration and Sketch.

There is a short interview with Leong Wan Kok on Jazma Online. There is also a preview on Liquid Citizen of his contribution to the Liquid City comics anthology (more info here).


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