Guy Rose (update)

Guy Orlando Rose
When I wrote about Guy Rose back in 2007 there were only a few resources online, since then, however, much to my delight, The Athenaeum has posted has posted over 120 good-sized images of his beautiful paintings.

Guy Orlando Rose is considered one of the foremost of the painters known as “California Impressionists”. I put that term in quotes because, like the “Pennsylvania Impressionists” and “American Impressionists” in general, I think the term has been applied after the fact, and I doubt the painters ever referred to themselves that way.

The images posted on The Athenaeum are from the painter’s time in Giverny, where he learned about French Impressionism firsthand, as well as from California and its striking coastline.

The more I see of Rose’s work, the higher my opinion of him.

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  1. Thank you so much for the reference to the Atheneum. I am putting together a power point of the California Impressionist and of course Guy Rose was the main artist and I was having trouble finding good images with a high resolution. I have enjoyed your blog too. very informative and helpful.

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