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Happy Leyendecker Baby New Year 2009!

J. C. Leyendecker New Years babies from Saturday Evening Post
Another post of New Year’s babies from the illustrator who originated the concept of representing the new year as a baby, J.C. Leyendecker; and some of his numerous Saturday Evening Post covers which captured the essence of the year into the theme surrounding the baby.

There is (finally!) a new book of Leyendecker’s work, J.C. Leyendecker by Laurence S. Cutler and Judy Goffman Cutler. Though I haven’t gotten my copy of it yet, reviews are good.

Have a great new year, and may it be filled with lots of great art!



12 responses to “Happy Leyendecker Baby New Year 2009!”

  1. Hi Charley,

    You keep having a great blog.
    I’m just passing by to wish to you, your family and readers a prosperous 2009 full of great things.

    Best regards,


  2. Thanks, Jose.

    Other readers can check out Jose’s blog, The Art Inquirer.

  3. Happy drawing, painting and blogging in 09!

  4. Thanks, Larry; and a great new year of drawing, painting and blogging to you as well!

    Other readers can see Larry Roibal’s blog here, and my recent article about him here.

  5. John Charles Avatar
    John Charles

    I have a copy of the new book on J.C. Leyendecker and it is awesome – very informative and full of superb reproductions of the great man’s art. As you say, the book is long overdue. let’s hope this one stays in print for a good few years. Apparently there’s an exhibition of 50 or so originals touring the US this year (2009) too. Sadly, I live in England.

    A happy year for leyendecker fans!

    John Charles

  6. Thanks, Charles. I haven’t been able to find a comprehensive schedule for the exhibition, so I’m not sure I’ll get to see it either, even though I’m on this side of the Atlantic (grin).

  7. The missus gifted me with the new Leyendecker book for Christmas.
    It’s great! 5 palettes!
    Wonders why Michael Schau didn’t go the extra mile and reference the additional info way back when? (His book is excellent also).
    Rockwell couldn’t clean Leyendecker’s brushes-maybe that’s why J.C. took pity on him?

    Just discovered your blog today…Excellent!
    Thanks for the info!

  8. Thanks, C Enemone.

    Nice to know some of the details of the book. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the nice words about Lines and Colors.

  9. You had the Coraline box, so you cannot have everything 🙂
    Well, the book is full of great illustrations but the text is controversial (the authors even tried to compare Leyendecker to Gauguin… No sense).
    Happy new year and good blogging 🙂

  10. Thanks, Li-An.

    Yeah, the Coraline box was a nice treat this year. I hope you also have a great new year of drawing and blogging!

    Other readers can visit Li-An’s excellent blog here. Though the blog is in French, non-French speakers will still find lots of wonderful artwork, including Li-An’s own excellent comics art.

  11. You are too kind with me, Charley 🙂 (give me that box !!!)

  12. John Charles Avatar
    John Charles

    Here are the dates I found for the touring Leyendecker exhibition.. I’d check with venues before travelling! Some are from 2007/8, but I just left them in in case where it’s been is of interest. Not sure where I found this list now – somewhere on the web!

    J.C. Leyendecker: America’s ”Other” Illustrator
    Organized By The Haggin Museum, Stockton, California

    Current Tour Schedule
    R.W. Norton Art Gallery
    Shreveport, Louisianna: February 6, 2007 through April 1, 2007

    Fullerton Museum Center
    Fullerton, California: September 23, 2007 through November 18, 2007

    Gari Melchers Home and Studio
    Fredericksburg, Virginia: December 9, 2007 through February 3, 2008

    Huntsville Museum of Art
    Huntsville, Alabama: February 24, 2008 through April 20, 2008

    Southern Vermont Art Center
    Manchester, Vermont: May 11, 2008 through July 6, 2008

    from July 27, 2008 through September 21, 2008

    Morris Museum of Art
    Augusta, Georgia: October 12, 2008 through December 28, 2008

    The Hudson River Museum
    Yonkers, New York: January 31, 2009 through May 10, 2009

    The Long Island Museums of American Art, History, and Carriages
    Stony Brook, New York: May 31, 2009 through September 6, 2009

    William King Regional Arts Center
    Abingdon, Virginia: September 27, 2009 through November 22, 2009