Urban Sketchers (update)

Urban Sketchers
Urban Sketchers is a group blog that I first wrote about last November.

Since then, hundreds of additional sketches have been added; and the blog’s layout has been updated, with a wider format and better organizatation (though I still wish they would somehow limit the Flickr slideshow widget at page bottom to a single page and make the “Older Posts” link bigger).

Urban Sketchers has kept the tagline of “See the world one drawing at a time”, and continues to a be a source of constant delight, filled with location sketches in a variety of media, size, approach and degree of finish.

There is an increasing list of contributors, as well as an impressively extended list of represented cities and countries from around the world; though much of the content is still provided by a core of frequent contributors, including founder Gabi Campanario. (Sadly, Gabi’s recent sketches have been chronicling the impending demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a terrific newspaper; image above, top right)

Many of the images are linked to larger versions, and most of the contributors have their own blogs and web sites to which you can go for even more sketches and finished work. Some of them are profiled on the Meet the Correspondents page, but others are worth tracking down through links at the bottom of their posts, or looking up via Google.

Updates are frequent and you can check in with Urban Sketchers any day and find fresh new sketches to enjoy and take inspiration from. In fact, it’s sometimes hard to check in frequently enough to keep up with the new posts.

(Images above, left to right: Pete Scully, Gabi Campanario, Tommy Kane, Tis Boon Sim, Roger O’Reilly, Gerard Michel, Stephen Gardner, Maarten Ruijters)


8 Replies to “Urban Sketchers (update)”

  1. thanks Charley! i’ll try to figure out how to make the ‘older posts’ label bigger. as far as the widget, i’m afraid that’s all precoded and i can’t change the settings. it’s the best widget i found that allowed folks to click on the drawing and see the info about author/sketch before sending you directly to flickr

  2. Thanks, Gabi. I understand about the technical limitations, as a blog author I deal with some myself. As a reader I just found the repetition of the widget a little intrusive. It would be great, though, to have a larger link to encourage browsing back through recent posts, there is such a wealth of great drawings and they are added frequently, so it’s easy for them to fall “below the fold” quickly.

    Both are small quibbles, though. Thanks for bringing us such a great resource!

  3. It feels good to get inspiration love these sketches and feel free to come peek at a couple of mine I have been out of it a while but the results so far are something to be proud of.

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