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Marc Taro Holmes
I came across the work of Mark Taro Holmes when I was struck by these two watercolor sketches on the Urban Sketchers blog. They were from his participation in the recent Sketchcrawl in San Francisco (see my posts on a previous Sketchcrawl, and here).

I then looked him up and found his sketch blog, SKETCHtaro, which has a wonderful array of his sketches, largely in watercolor or pen and ink, of both landscapes and figures.

His figure drawings have an engaging looseness, within the framework of accomplished draftsmanship. He has an unusual approach, sometimes drawing the figure in line, but multi-colored watercolor line, applied in brushstrokes that vary in weight and translucency as well as color .

His black ink drawings are frequently concerned with shadow and the play of light across architectural details.

Holmes is professionally a gaming concept artist and art director. According to his short bio on, he is currently the Studio Art Director at Ensemble Studios, and and has worked on gaming titles like Neverwinter Nights and The Lord of the Rings Online. MobyGames lists some of his other credits here. [Correction: Holmes has moved on from Ensemble and is now doing concept art for the film industry. See this post’s comments.]


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  1. well, hey! I’m not sure what the etiquette is here vis a vis, commenting on my own stuff but I just had to say: Thanks for noticing!! *grin*

    I should mention, that bio on is a bit out of date – (I’ve really got to get over there and update the info) – I’ve since moved on from Ensemble, (everyone has, they’ve closed doors) and also from art directing, and am now doing concept art for the film industry! way more drawing, much less meeting – full of win 🙂


  2. Thanks, Marc. I’ve added a correction to the post. (You might think about adding a recent bio somewhere… grin.)

  3. Liza Aleksandra Avatar
    Liza Aleksandra

    Met Mark when he used to create in dallas, tx via Three Martini Art Group. This man’s got a gift! He paints and paints constantly – I have a hard time keeping up with his work. His nudes and tattoos are beautiful, my favorite.

  4. Great Drawings!