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The Tale of How book

The Tale of How book
I’ve written before about The Tale of How, a short, wonderfully original animation by The Blackheart Gang, featuring the artwork of Ree Treweek.

I’ve also talked about Shy the Sun, a commercial production company featuring members of the Blackheart Gang, including Treweek and Jannes Hendrikz, which has been producing marvelously eccentric ads for companies like United Airlines and Bakers Precious Biscuits.

Art from The Tale of How, which is planned as part of a larger ongoing project called The Household, has now been published as a coffee table art book, in a deluxe slipcase version that includes a DVD with the animation and reproductions of a print series.

The book is available directly from the Blackheart Gang web site, I don’t know if it will be available in other distribution channels. There are additional images from the book here.

The print series will also be made available for purchase on their site (“soon”).

The original Tale of How animation is visible here, and there is now a short Making of the Tale of How video on the site.

For more on Ree Treweek and The Blackheart Gang, see my previous posts listed below.


2 responses to “The Tale of How book”

  1. I am glad that this book is out. I caught their animation some time back and it blew me away. I can’t wait for the more that they say on their site that will come!

  2. The animation is so great. I’ve shown it to everyone with five minutes to spare. I didn’t know there was a book coming out. Thanks for the post.