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Peter Siu

Peter Siu
In a way somewhat analogous Franklin Booth’s unintentional pen and ink imitation of engraved illustrations in the books of his time (the result of innocent ignorance of printing processes), contemporary illustrator Peter Siu deliberately uses pen and ink to emulate the visual charm and delicate detail of wood engravings.

Though the process is reminiscent of older illustrations, Siu brings a modern sensibility to his illustrations and attains a feeling of timelessness.

His long list of clients includes companies like Disney, Visa, Delta Airlines, Visa, Marriott Hotels, Simon & Schuster, McGraw Hill, Random House and many others.

His style lends itself well to product images, advertisements, map graphics and editorial illustrations where the authority of old world engraving and the contemporary flair of modern illustration give both weight and brightness to the subject.

His web site includes a gallery of illustrations in various categories.

You can also view Siu’s work on Workbook, Serbin Directory of Illustration and Martha Productions.

[Suggestion courtesy of Jo Mudd]


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  1. This work is so lush, just wonderful. Thanks for posting this.