Myke Amend

Myke Amend
Myke Amend is an illustrator who focuses on steampunk and gothic horror themes, stemming largely from traditions grounded in the literary work of Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft.

These two traditions dovetail in Amend’s series of paintings “Airships and Tentacles” which feature detailed, highly textured images of, well… just that. Amend works these images in a nicely retro manner, with a subdued palette and atmospheric lighting.

Amend works primarily in acrylic, with occasional paintings in oil and a variety of drawing media, including a series of engravings. Some of his other subject matter is handled in a breezier, almost cartoonlike style.

His galleries are in the Gallery & eCards section of his site, though the largest images are in the Desktop Wallpapers section. There are also pieces scattered around the rest of the site.

The home page of his site acts as a blog, though he seems to maintain a second blog on LiveJournal. You can also find his work on deviantART and MySpace.

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