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Jon Foster (update 2)

Jon Foster
Jon Foster, who I wrote about previously here and here, has a new web site.

It is simultaneously wonderful and frustrating. It’s wonderful, of course, because it features even more of Foster’s elegant, painterly, and superbly accomplished illustrations, old and new; and now includes a terrific section of sketches.

It’s frustrating because it simply doesn’t do justice to how good his paintings are. Size and resolution, as they often are in web galleries, are the limitation here. You can certainly get a taste by browsing through the site, but I have to emphasize that it’s worth seeking out his work in print, as I pointed out before.

Unfortunately, both collections of his work are out of print and commanding high prices used, but if you have copies of the Spectrum collections of fantastic art, you may find some Foster treasures in them (I don’t have a list of the particular volumes).

There is a gallery on the site that is much more limited than Foster’s site, but has slightly larger images. There is an audio interview with Foster on Sidebar, part 1 and part 2.

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2 responses to “Jon Foster (update 2)”

  1. Found this site the other day, and just wanted to say it has fast become one of my favourite places on the internet, interesting commentary and the links you provide are a revelation, thanks again.

  2. I love Jon Foster’s work. I had no idea his book was already out of print, I’m definitely holding on to my copy. I agree there is nothing online that really shows it off the best, but I’m glad his new site includes his sketches.