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NuFormer 3-D Building Projections

NuFormer 3-D Building Projections
NuFormer is a design firm based in the Netherlands. They have developed a computer-based projection system for creating the illusion of moving, 3-dimensional alterations to the surfaces of buildings.

The results are striking, as you can see in this video on Vimeo. Bear in mind that these are not CGI in the usual sense, the computer imagery is in the projections on the buildings, not in the manipulation of the video images themselves. This is essentially what you would see if you were standing on the street in front of the buildings.

Take note of what each of the two buildings actually looks like early in the video, as their actual appearance will be delightfully called into question in the course of the display.

[Via Metafilter]


2 responses to “NuFormer 3-D Building Projections”

  1. Indeed, those projections are really interesting. I have already seen some in Paris and that is great to see, and sometimes disturbing. But still, it is an interesting way of ‘dressing’ buildings.

  2. This is amazing… I have seen some in Paris as well and think this needs to take off and be the main means for building decorations in the future.

    twitter: @artsharksnet