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Parkour Motion Reel

Parkour Motion Reel
This is an amusing little animation that was made as a course assignment by a design degree student in Singapore, who goes by the handle “saggyarmpit” on Vimeo.

She points out that it was done fairly quickly, the drawings illustrated with technical pen and rough around the edges, and expresses surprise at the degree of attention the piece is getting.

What’s amusing and appealing about the piece is her clever use of folded paper, flip book techniques and stop motion animation to move the character through his parkour motions.

(Parkour, or “the art of moving”, is a practice originating in France of traversing an environment, usually urban, by physically adapting to it using climbing, jumping and running skills that are honed in a way comparable to martial arts training. You may have seen it displayed in the opening of the Casino Royale James Bond film from 2006.)

Here the artist, with post production help from Noel Lee, moves the figure through the illustrated environment, her hands acting as part of the stop motion action.

“Saggyarmpit” does not have a web site yet, but promises one soon.


5 responses to “Parkour Motion Reel”

  1. The poor man’s Pixar. It turns out you CAN try this at home!

  2. Eh, a cheap rip off of VIDEOGIOCO by Donato Sansone that doesn’t add anything new to the idea.

    1. Thanks for the link, Evan. I don’t know enough about the dates and history of the two pieces to know if the term “rip off” is appropriate, though I like to give creditt for originality where it’s due, but I do find something in the Parkour reel that adds to the experience significantly, at least for me. The theme of moving the figure through a predetermined space, even loosely suggested, gives the animation a grounding and sense of motion through space that I don’t find in Sansone’s piece, as wild and amusing as it is.

      For the benefit of other readers, the Sansone animation linked above may be considered NSFW.

      Other readers may also want to check out Evan Anthony’s motion graphics demo reel here.

  3. Caddisman Avatar

    Very creative especially for a student work. Art is no longer just one side of the brain with today’s tech’.