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Sally Tharp
Michigan born painter Sally Tharp graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BFA, but considers herself a self-taught painter.

Her web site features several series of painting themes, including outdoor sign letters and a series of still life objects on shelves and other still life subjects.

Her primary focus, however, is a wonderful series that she calls Glass Paintings, featuring a variety of glass objects that prominently include home canning jars, apothecary bottles, glass marbles and coke bottles.

These are marvels of refraction and reflection, often with multiple objects arranged behind one another, and cropped close, creating a sort of refractive geometric lattice of color, within which are the representational characteristics of the image.

Tharp has a blog called Sally is Painting Today in which she posts images of current works, oil sketches on different subjects, including her contributions to Karin Jurick’s Different strokes from Different Folks (see my posts here and here).

She also occasionally posts images of her work hung in galleries, from which you can see the large scale of her paintings, such as this image of the painting at top, Sometimes I Feel Like You Look Right Through Me.


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    These pieces are beautiful and truly an inspiration. I can’t wait to see more from this very talented artist!