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Edward Matthew Hale

Edward Matthew Hale
Edward Matthew Hale is one of those 19th Century artists about whom it’s not easy to find information, but whose few available images hint at a terrific body of work.

Hale studied in Paris with Alexander Cabanel, whose students included Pierre Auguste Cot and Jules Bastien Lepage; and then with Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran, noted as the teacher of John Singer Sargent.

Considered primarily a genre painter, his subjects leaned to mythology and the sea, as well as military subjects from his time as a war correspondent for the Illustrated London News.

The resources I can find are limited, and some (but not all) tend to repeat the same paintings, but if anyone knows of sources for additional images by Hale, let me know and I’ll post them.


3 responses to “Edward Matthew Hale”

  1. Tony Moffat Avatar
    Tony Moffat

    I own I small watercolour that I think might be an early work by Hale
    It’s signed “E.M.H. after Fielding” and its a lovely maritime scene copied from a known painting by fielding. I could forward you an image if you would like.

  2. John Anderson Avatar
    John Anderson

    I own four small water colour paintings with E.M.H. on the bottom. They are all nice little pieces that depict scenes of the lochs of Scotland, all with small sailing/fishing craft and dated in the 1890’s. I would love to know more about them.


    1. I can’t help you.

      You may find information on the artist on sites like ArtNet, or by searching the past lots of auction houses.