Glenn Dean

Glenn Dean
California born, new Mexico based artist Glenn Dean finds endless variety in the rocks, hills, canyons, bluffs and mountains of the American West.

Sometimes his work can be more intimate, with scenes of small arroyos, canyons and adobe structures, and he occasionally paints views of the California coast, but most often portrays the monumental geologic structures of the western part of the continent.

His site is, in fact, themed Landscapes of The West. Unfortunately, it’s one of those stock FineArtStudioOnline stock sites, in which you must view the larger images in a little pop-up window, the largest of which is still somewhat small. You can see some larger images, in which Dean’s brushwork and color variations are more apparent, on the Brandon Michael Fine Art gallery (though some items are not linked to larger versions).

Dean cites as inspiration noted painters of the America West like Edgar Payne and Maynard Dixon. You can also see the influence of California Impressionists like Hanson Puthuff and Granville Redmond in his bright but atmospherically softened palette.

Dean also carries forward the spiritual/philosophical component of some of the early California painters, in which the landscape is seen as an expression of the spiritual within the material.

He is essentially a self-taught artist. His work has been featured in a number of magazines like Southwest Art, Art of the West and American Artist.

Dean paints en plein air when possible, finishing larger works in the studio.


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  1. What a feeling of wonder I get from these paintings, — I have an ambition to visit the Grand Canyon, — such power in those rocks ,– such mystery.
    Ah well — one day, — I live in the Cotswolds in England, — beautiful leafy and hilly.

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