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Jason Seiler
Jason Seiler is a caricaturist, character designer and illustrator whose clients include The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Weekly Standard, Business Week, MAD Magazine and many others.

As a caricaturist, Seiler often pushes his exaggerated portraits to extremes, to the point where they have a fun-house mirror feeling. He can then turn around and deliver a straightforward portrait, though he obviously enjoys the freedom that caricature allows.

His web site has sections devoted to entertainment and political figures, but don’t miss the sketches, in which displays a nice quality of line and hatching in the process of building up his monochromatic tones.

If I’m not mistaken, he works both digitally in Photoshop and in traditional media, using strongly modeled rendering to give his exaggerated faces a solid three dimensional feel.

Seiler also maintains a blog, in which he discusses work in progress, often with preliminary images and process sequences.

He has recently done his first character design for feature film, working on the Bandersnatch for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Seiler is also an instructor with the Schoolism online school, along with Bobby Chiu and Ryan Wood.

Jason Seiler is the son of painter Larry Seiler, who I profiled yesterday.


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