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Jean-Sébastien Rossbach

Jean-Sebastien Rossbach
Jean-Sébastien Rossbach is a French freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Paris. He has done work in publishing, video games, board and role playing games, movies, the recording industry and advertising.

Rossbach gives his fantasy themed illustrations an extra element of decorative surface, incorporating patterns and deign elements into his images. Very often he uses suggestions of patterns, with just enough detail for your eye to fill in a richer surface than he has actually rendered.

Rossback paints digitally in Painter and Photoshop, but uses the textural characteristics of the digital brushes to produce a painterly appearance, particularly in his loose, gestural backgrounds.

His web site includes a blog and galleries of illustrations, covers and sketches. When viewing work in his portfolio, be aware that the arrows lead to subsequent pages of thumbnails, and there is a text link for “Zoom” under the thumbnails that links to high resolution versions of the images.

Rossback collaborated with illustrator Aleksi Briclot and writer Jean-Luc Istin on Merlin, an art book re-exploration of the Authurian Merlin legend,. The text is in French, but the book is largely illustrations.

You can download a PDF preview of the book from the publisher’s site (link that says “Découvrez quelques pages de cet ouvrage”).


5 responses to “Jean-Sébastien Rossbach”

  1. Amazing work! Really great find.

  2. I think gestural backgrounds really help the main subjects stick out. Great work (glad to see traditional painting replicated in photoshop)

  3. Wow, these are stunning! I love the painterly style that he has fabulously created in Photoshop. I particularly love the bottom image. I love Celtic artwork, having studied Celtic history at university. Have you seen the animation for the animation film Secret of Kells? It was just nominated for an Oscar. Perhaps you have. Anyway, wonderful work!

  4. Oh awesome! I was just in the mood for something like this. Another great find.

  5. Soleil productions rules. I recommend all of their titles.

    Thanx for the link, Jean-Sébastien is a very skilled painter…