Artists’ Self Portraits with Palettes

Artists' Self Portraits with Palettes: Vincent van Gogh, SIr John Everett Millais, Gustave Courbet, Rembrandt van Rijn
In a link from the article mentioned in my previous post on Master Artists’ Palettes, Lucy Davies pointed to a search on the Bridgeman Art Library for “self portrait palette“. This turns up range of artists’ self-portraits with their palette in hand, a fairly common arrangement given that the artist is usually holding a palette when painting a self portrait.

The linked images are on the small side, and unfortunately watermarked, but think of this as a jumping off point. The images are large enough to tell if you’re interested and the listings make it easy to do a broader search for the artist and their works, including the named self-portrait.

When looking to match a particular image, you might avail yourself of the specialty search engines that perform similarity based image search (my favorite is TinEye).

You can also try the same search on Google Images, though results tend to be more repetitive.

You can also search for simply “portrait palette” for a wider range of images not limited to self-portraits, and perhaps more likely to include views of the working part of the palette, often hidden by the angle in the self portraits.

There is also an excellent post by James Gurney on Gurney Journey about artists’ Palette Arrangements that is illustrated with portraits.

(Images above: Vincent van Gogh, Giovanni Fattori, Diego Velázquez, Sir John Everett Millais, Gustav Courbet, Rembrandt van Rijn; links are to my articles, Velázquez and Courbet images are crops from much larger compositions)