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Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2009

Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2009: Phillip Schirmer, Chuck Close, Margaret Bowland, Jen Bandini
The Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2009 at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery was, as the name implies, held in 2009, but the exhibition of 49 works selected from the 3,300 entries is on display until September 6, 2010.

The museum has posted the finalists on this page, click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

The portraits encompass a range of styles and media, and the competition is meant to demonstrate the widening definition of portraiture and the role of portraits in art.

The website also has a Portrait of an Artist feature, in which several of the participating artists are highlighted and clicking through takes you to a statement by the artist and often additional images.

(Images at left: Phillip Schirmer, Chuck Close, Margaret Bowland, Jen Bandini)



3 responses to “Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2009”

  1. beautiful portraits. I do wish the museum’s site had chosen to display the images a might-bit larger. It’s really difficult to see the level of skill at the thumbnail size.

    Still, I’m glad they did put them online. Was amused by the “In Order of Appearance” video. ^_^

  2. Huge disappointment! This show reflects what is wrong with representational art today. Its all about technique. The prize winners all look like they were painted by the same person. I prefer the BP competition held in the UK. Far more diverse and interesting.


  3. Wow ……the judges better get with it…..Margret Bowlands “Kenyetta Bride ” was SO beyond any of the winning entries….a work of genius!…Bowland is truly one of our great artists of our time! Another great work not enered is Kate Sammons “Portrait of Emma”…check it out on her website! For works like that not to win top honors is dissapointing and does not speak well of the competition….result is many TOP artists will not enter.