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Tony Ryder (update)

Tony Ryder
Tony Ryder is a noted contemporary draftsman and painter, author of the popular book The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing and a well regarded teacher.

He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Student’s League in New York, and continued independent studies with Ted Seth Jacobs in New York and France.

Since then, Ryder has taught at the New York Academy, the Art Student’s League and independent workshops in the U.S. and France. Ryder is now the leader of the Ryder Studio School, a classical atelier in Santa Fe, new Mexico.

Ryder’s website includes selection of his drawings and paintings, primarily figure, portrait and still life. It also features a number of sequential images for a portrait demonstration. You can also find some brief instructional essays on the site of the Ryder Studio School.

There is also a blog for the Ryder Studio School that seems to largely chronicle activities at the school, but occasionally posts work and instructional sequences.

There is an additional selection of his work on the Art Renewal Center. For more, see my post on Anthony J. Ryder from 2006.


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  1. Do you know what medium he used for the still life? Spectacular light.

  2. arlnee Avatar

    apparently now Art You Know has taken to crediting your site (the studio Ghibli one has no mention of the art theft so they obviously took out those paragraphs) and put a link to your site for what they stole. So they’re not ignorant of the fact that they’re content thieves.

    They’re also moderating all comments so any complaints about it won’t show up.

    I suggest speaking with Plagiarism Today and seeing if they can’t get that site a nice fat takedown notice going for you.

    1. Thanks, arlnee. I’m working on a DMCA takedown, but that takes a little time. I’m also notifying the other bloggers they’re stealing from and I’m registering a copyright infringement complaint with Google Adsense. In the meanwhile, I’m forcing them to at least do a little actual work for their stolen content and monitor my posts one by one instead of just letting the RSS feed automatically steal them.

      For the benefit of other readers, this refers to a comment I’m currently putting into my posts aimed at the readers of a blog that is stealing Lines and Colors articles. I remove the comment from the Lines and Colors posts when the offending site has published the stolen post from my RSS feed.