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Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game with a unique look; the product of hand drawn environments and characters by artists from Amanita Design.

The game, as far as I understand it, involves moving a small robot through a series of environments in search of something. The images have a wonderful quality of texture, imaginative design and a sense of atmosphere and age.

There is a trailer on the website for the game, and, despite the disclaimer that has been there for months, there is also a playable online demo as well as a downloadable demo available from the Amanita Design Blog.

There are also large wallpaper size images available on the Machinarium site. (I can’t give you direct links because the site is in Flash.)

Last fall, before the game’s release, Boing Boing featured an article with preliminary concept sketches by Jakub Dvorský and Adolf Lachman, as well as finished screen captures from the game.

I believe Adolf Lachman is the lead artist. You can find more of his work here.


6 responses to “Machinarium”

  1. Thanks for this post !
    Machinarium is indeed one of the most visually creative and interesting I have seen in years.
    What I specially like in this game is its “rusty SF” look and atmosphere, which is kind of a trademark of the east-european science fiction (think of Enki Bilal’s graphic novels).

    1. Thanks, Michel. Good point about Bilal. I hadn’t made the connection.

      For the benefit of other readers, here is my post on Enki Bilal.

  2. Dejan Avatar

    Machinarium is a beautiful game!
    I played many point-and-click adventure games in the last 10-15 years and this game is so good that it gave me goose bumps. It has a warmth to it that you simply have to experience for yourself.
    When I finished the game the only thing that came to my mind is “I want more!”. The music, hand-painted drawings, riddles, story… you have to try.
    You have to see the trailer for “Kuky se vrací” (Kuky returns)… beautiful…

    1. Thanks for the insight, Dejan. I played a bit of the demo, but I haven’t played the game itself yet.

      Yes, I did see the Kuky trailer, thanks. It has a unique look.

  3. Hey great blog! I really love your taste in art! Is there a way to subscribe so I can get emails every time you update?

  4. got this link from my dad, it’s an absolute briljant game! I really love the drawings, thanks for sharing 🙂