Dictaphone Parcel (Lauri Warsta)

Dictaphone Parcel (Lauri Warsta)
Artist Lauri Warsta put a dictaphone (reel to reel audio recorder, anybody remember those?) in a parcel, turned it on and shipped it from London to Helsinki.

He took the resultant recording of truck, warehouse and plane sounds, along with snippets of surreptitiously collected worker conversation, edited it down, and then animated his impressions of the journey to create a sort of pseudo documentary of the box’s travels called Dictaphone Parcel.

The animation has the look of being drawn on a chalkboard.

[Via MetaFilter]

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  1. A small typo, it is Lauri, not Laura. Makes a big difference, since Laura is she while Lauri is he. And Lauri is he, not she 😉

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