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Paul Antonson

Paul Antonson
Sacramento based illustrator Paul Antonson has for several years done illustration and interactive design for the Wall Street Journal Online. He also has editorial clients that include The Village Voice, New York Press and The Onion. He is a children’s book illustrator as well.

Antonson’s website includes work from various aspects of his career, and fun range of styles, along with personal projects and sketchbooks.

He combines a painter’s skills with a strong graphic sensibility, at times working with graphic patterns, at times riotously complex and at other times moving into a style that harkens to classic children’s’ book illustration.

Antonson is a contributor to the Invisibleman collaborative blog (see my post on Invisibleman from 2006). There you will find more descriptions of his individual pieces and working process, as well as additional artwork.


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  1. The last picture is very intriguing.

  2. Hello Li-An, 😉
    you can read a little more about it, here on his blog :

    (Thank you Charley ! your blog is wonderful)