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Goñi Montes

Freelance illustrator Goñi Montes works his fine line and color fill approach in a number of ways, creating a variety of emotional feeling and visual style.

Montes often makes use of a restrained color palette, limiting the range and value of his major colors, and offsetting them with dark but saturated colors in certain areas. He sometimes uses those dark but deeply saturated colors as his primary palette.

His subjects often seem to express surprise or alarm, adding to the edge of tension set up by the color range and subtle shifts in value.

Montes was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and studied at the University of Poerto Rica at Mayagüez, later moving to Atalanta, Georgia and continuing his studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He now lives in nearby Decatur, Georgia and teaches classes at SCAD in addition to his freelance work.

His clients include The Washington Post, The Village Voice, Draft FCB, Puerto Rico Sea Grant, and Oz Magazine.

In addition to the portfolio on his website, you can find his work on, Behance Network and Richard Solomon Artists Representative, where you will also find a description of his process.


2 responses to “Goñi Montes”

  1. I LOOOOOOVE THIS…the images pulled me in from my superficial viewing…I am in love. This is the kind of stuff that I want to be doing. And by saying so, I shall steer clear from studying this too closely, with the object being that I not copy…or become a copy-cat. Three cheers for Mr. Montes!!! 🙂

    Jan at

  2. Reminds me of Hanuka. A very popular look these days. Fun to look at.