Machiavelli, online graphic novel by Don MacDonald

Machiavelli, online graphic novel by Don MacDonald
Niccolò Machiavelli was a 15th Century Italian diplomat, philosopher and writer, from whose political treatise, The Prince, along with other writings, we get the contemporary usage of his name in the term Machiavellian, referring to the use of deceptive cunning and planning in politics.

Machiavelli himself, however, was hardly an example of the intricate political deceit with which his name is associated, and is largely unknown for his own life and deeds.

Machiavelli is an ongoing graphic novel written and drawn by Don MacDonald that explores the life and times of Machiavelli the man.

MacDonald is posting the story to the web, two pages week. He plans a story of about 170 pages. The home page of the site always opens up on the current page (as of this writing, page 42), but you will want to start with the first page.

He usually annotates each page with comments about Machiavelli’s life and the history and politics of the time, in which he has obviously immersed himself in preparation for telling the story.

The story is drawn in a slightly gestural informal line style with gray washes. MacDonald’s line and tone approach, in which he emphasizes light and shadow, is ideal for the subject and his evocation of 15th Century Florence.

The site also includes a blog, poster size images that can be printed out for free, and a small selection of his earlier watercolor portrait paintings (above, bottom).

You can check back periodically as he adds to the story, or be notified by one of several methods he mentions on the About page.

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