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Chris Ryniak
On his blog Chris Ryniak describes himself as “monster & critter maker”.

On his website you will find galleries of his monsters & critters both as paintings (also here) and as small scale sculptures in epoxy, glass, vinyl and acrylic.

My timing is a little off with this post, in that his show at MyPlasticHeart in NYC, This Could Get Ugly, is wrapping up on October 24, but you can (at least for the time being) also see a gallery of his sculptures and paintings associated with the show.

Ryniak is a graduate and former instructor of the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida, and is currently based in Ohio.

Ryniak’s beasties have a kind of oddball charm, with buggy eyes, fish-like parts and lots of teeth. His paintings, which I believe are primarily done in acrylic, have a decorative dimensional feeling to them, with backgrounds de-emphasized and the textural qualities of the, er… critters, emphasized..

[Via Drawn!]