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Glenn Jones
Glenn Jones, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Auckland, New Zealand, creates deceptively simple images that always have a twist or hook, usually leaving you smiling if not laughing out loud.

After a 15 year design industry career, Jones found that his T-shirt designs for were so successful that he started his own line, GlennzTees.

His website splits into his personal website, the Genns Tees store, and his Behance Portfolio (also here), along with links to his pages on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

You can also find example of his work displayed on Digital Art Empire and Design your way.


5 responses to “Glenn Jones”

  1. The images caught my eye right away on my blog list! I am not suprised he did well on Threadless, as these are great designs!

  2. Great work! Made me smile! Thanks!

  3. Cool! Reminds me of a more graphically distilled version of Guy Billout ( )

    1. Interesting thought. Thanks, Jason.

      For the benefit of other readers, here are my posts on Guy Billout and Jason Waskey.

  4. Hi,
    Love Glenn Jones work. I can see the influence of the artist’s graphic designer job. The art work is simple yet takes you in. Happy to see such artwork.
    Sridhar V Ramasami