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Dan McPharlin

Dan McPharlin
Illustrator and designer Dan McPharlin gives little information about himself, his work or his clients on his website, which essentially just offers a download of a PDF portfolio from 2006 (also lacking in background information) and a link to his Flickr stream, which serves as his actual portfolio on the web.

In the latter you can browse through his larger photostream, or focus on a set devoted to Selected Work.

He has apparently illustrated covers for a number of audio recordings. Some of his work is graphic and design oriented, but the pieces I find most interesting are his science fiction themed illustrations that have a wonderful feeling of 1960’s Ace/Berkeley science fiction book covers.

There is a brief interview with McPharlin on Sci-Fi-O-rama, from which I glean that he works digitally.


7 responses to “Dan McPharlin”

  1. Scott Conner Avatar
    Scott Conner

    I was just looking at his Flickr stream earlier today, after discovering a link to his site from the cover art of a band called The Sword.

  2. Hints of Roger Dean… (Yes album covers artist from the 70’s)

    1. Thanks, David. I agree.

      For the benefit of other readers, here is my post on Roger Dean.

  3. Don’t forget his amazing miniature synthesizers!
    I love them.

  4. Very Roger Dean, I agree.

  5. I was thinking Dean met Corben and they had a baby.

    1. (Grin.) I think it was a three-way with Eyvind Earle.