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Sorolla’s studio on Art Contrarian

Sorolla's studio on Art Contrarian
Donald Pittenger has posted a wonderful Sorolla Museum: Pictorial Report from his recent visit to Madrid on his blog Art Contrarian.

The Museo Sorolla, unlike a number of museums for individual artists that consist of their house and/or studio arranged as much as possible as it was when in use by the artist, also houses numerous works by Sorolla.

The studio setup includes not only his easels and palettes, but the the painting Sorolla was working on when he suffered the stroke that left him unable to continue.

Pittenger has chronicled his visit to the museum with a number of photographs of the house and studio, along with details of some of the paintings, which he has been kind enough to post in fairly high resolution.

The latter include a rare treat, an unfinished work, in which we see some parts finished in Sorolla’s mature style, side by side with passages that are still in the early stages of development; giving us a glimpse of his working methods.

For more, see my post on Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida.


3 responses to “Sorolla’s studio on Art Contrarian

  1. Thanx for the link. Sorolla was one of the greatest artists at the turn of the century.

  2. Charley — I greatly appreciate the link to my art/design/architecture/etc blog. Lines and Colors has been on my link list since the git-go back in May when I began transitioning from my Second Banana role at the late, great, lamented 2Blowhards blog.

  3. Charley, love Sorolla, especially the studio shots and unfinished work.

    I’ve always enjoyed seeing other artists studios, clues about them as artists.

    How about a post sometime on Artist Studios (if you haven’t already covered that). That would be a fascinating post.