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Edward Gorey Book Covers

Edward Gorey Book Covers
I found when I wrote a post on Edward Gorey last year that though there are scattered sources for his illustrations on the web, there is little in the way of a dedicated repositiory of his work.

This has in some degree been addressed courtesy of a wonderful Flicker set by Marci and Deth of Edward Gorey Book Covers from books they’ve collected.

There are 69 covers, covering (if you’ll excuse the expression) a range of subjects, from John Bellairs stories to Shakespeare plays to H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds (I happen to have a copy of the latter, with interior illustrations by Gorey as well).

It’s a great collection, with large versions of the images in most cases, showcasing Gorey’s wonderfully idiosyncratic illustration, and in many cases typography chosen (or hand drawn) by Gorey as well.

[Via Tom Gauld by way of Irene Gallo]

Edward Gorey Book Covers, Flickr Set


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4 responses to “Edward Gorey Book Covers”

  1. Hi Charley! Big fan of the site.

    You might find interesting the (very) free interpretations cartoonist Kate Beaton did of several Gorey covers. Some of them are very funny and, at the very least, exposed quite a few people to those particular pieces. You can find them here:

    Might not be fit for an update but they’re good for a chuckle.

    Take care!

    –Pedro A.

  2. M. Parker,

    I’m searching for a good online source for art films and documentaries.

    I remember you posted something about a nice web site a while ago but i can’t find it in any categories and i don’t know how you labelled it…

    Could you help me about that?

    Also, i’m giving you a link about something interesting: a free online color harmony tool from ADOBE called KULER.

    There’s a few other ones available online but this one is well made. Here is a link to view a demo from adobeTV:



    1. Hi Benoit.

      I think you may be referring to ArtBabble.

      My post here.

      Thanks for the Kuler links.

  3. Yes, that’s it!

    Thank you!