Philippe Bouchet (Manchu)

Philippe Bouchet is a French illustrator and concept artist, who signs his work “Manchu”. He has a new book called Manchu Starships due to be published soon from Delcourt/SerieB. I’m unsure whether it will be readily available in the U.S.

Bouchet works in Acrylic on heavy paper at a fairly large scale (20 x 25 inches, or 50 x 65 cm). I know little else about him; his blog is in French but has a number of other images, including preliminary sketches, storyboards, and even walk-through sequences.

The Concept Ships blog has published a nice set of large images from the new book.

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  1. Hello,
    your post are references to fantastic artists. Thanks a lot for bringing us so wonderful images. Maybe you would see Roger Dean, a influence I think for the past post of Dan.
    I think too you would enjoy the quique alcatena art… look for it on google.

  2. It’s strange you call him with his real name as, for I know, his sign name “Manchu” is his “official” name. He is a very kind and talentfull guy and I had always interesting discussions with him (as we don’t like the same illustration :-)).

  3. Thanks, Li-An. I wondered about that. I’ve altered the post to include his working name.

    Other readers should check out Li-An’s excellent blog for more terrific illustrators and comics artists, and Li-An’s own excellent illustration and comics art (long overdue for a post on L&C). The blog is in French, but English speakers can use Google Translate, or just enjoy the images.

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