BoldBrush November competition entries

BoldBrush November competition entries : Jeffery Sparks, Margie Murray, Leah Richmond, J.M. Brodrick, Richard Christian Nelson,  Alan Dingman, Tom Heflin
BoldBrush is a painting competition held by Canvoo, an arts newsletter produced by a company that sells hosted artist websites.

Entries are not limited to customers, and they post the entries online in a large grouping that is worth looking through. There are quite a number of interesting entries, and there are links to additional images of entries, past and present, by the individual artists.

Yon can step through multiple pages of thumbnails, view all on a single page or view a selection of popular entries.

You can also just use Google to find the artist’s websites to see more of their work.

(Images above, links to BoldBrush entries: Jeffery Sparks, Margie Murray, Leah Richmond, J.M. Brodrick, Richard Christian Nelson, Alan Dingman, Tom Heflin)


Past trains of the future

Past trains of the future
I just love illustrator’s visions of future transportation from the early to mid 20th Century.

Popular Science has a 10 image gallery of some wonderful trains that I want to ride.

(Plus I’m still waiting for the gyrocopter in every garage and my personal jetpack.)

Isn’t it the future yet?


Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes
Though he was never a formal member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, English painter and illustrator Arthur Hughes was part of their circle and distinctly influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite style and subject matter.

Younger than the established Pre-Raphaelite painters, Hughes was first attracted to their movement by a magazine they published for short time called The Germ.

Hughes didn’t fare well with the Royal Academy, arbiter of artistic value in England at the time, but he was welcomed by the Pre-Raphaelites, attended their meetings, and became friends with several of the seminal figures, Millais in particular.

In addition to the familiar Pre-Rahaelite subjects from Shakespeare, Authurian legend, other literature and history, he painted portraits and scenes of ordinary life.

Hughes was particularly known for his paintings of lovers that were meditations on the fleeting nature of beauty, love and youth.


Moebius art on Tumblr

Jean Giraud - Moebius
Jean Giraud, more commonly known as Moebius, and who also signs some work as “GIR”, is a French comics artist and illustrator, very well known in Europe, less so here in the U.S.

Moebius is my favorite comics artist, and if you think of him as an illustrator, one of my favorites in that category as well. I haven’t had time to write a proper post on him, but I didn’t want to let this go by.

There is often, for various reasons, a dearth of Moebius art available on the web. His official site comes and goes and doesn’t show his work to best advantage.

However, someone has posted a nice variety of Moebius art on a Tumblr blog called Quenched Consciousness, and I wanted to point it out on an “enjoy it while you can” basis, as these things tend to disappear.

Though a somewhat disjointed collection — the comics aren’t in the context of the whole story and there is a glaring lack of images from his brilliant work on Lieutenant Blueberry — it’s still a nice cross section of his various styles, particularly if you’re not familiar with his work.

[Note: linked site contains images that are NSFW and not suitable for children.]

[Via Tom Gauld]


Free workshop with Disney & Pixar artists

Frer workshop with Disney & pixar artists Floyd Norman, Carole Holliday and Ernesto Nemesio
Saturday, November 27th, 2010 in San Bernardino, California The Art Institute of California and Inland Empire will host a free visual storytelling workshop with Disney and Pixar artists Floyd Norman, Carole Holliday and Ernesto Nemesio.

Seating is limited and advance registration is required. Details here.

(Images above: Floyd Norman, Carole Holliday and Ernesto Nemesio)


Waterhouse Gallery Figurative Artists Exhibition 2010

Waterhouse Gallery Great American Figurative Artists Exhibition 2010: Jeremy Lipking, Richard Schmid, Scott Burdick, Steve Hanks, Craig Nelson, Jennifer McChristian
Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Brbara, California has drawn from its stable of artists to present their Great American Figurative Artists Exhibition 2010.

The online preview of the exhibit includes one or more images by each artist. You can click on the thumbnails for a larger view and some information about the artist. You can then come back to the gallery’s main page, find the artist’s name and click through for more images of work by that artist.

While the emphasis is on figurative subjects, the selections include figures in interiors, landscapes and other environments. The artists reception was yesterday, November 20, 2010. Unfortunately, the gallery’s website neglects to mention the closing date for the exhibition.

The Waterhouse Gallery’s regularly represented artists include a number of terrific painters, a few of whom I’ve featured in the past here on Lines and Colors.

Images above: Jeremy Lipking, Richard Schmid, Scott Burdick, Steve Hanks, Craig Nelson, Jennifer McChristian (links are to my posts).