Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson is an illustrator based in Santa Barbara, California. He is also a faculty member of the art department at Westmont College.

Anderson’s refined, carefully crafted illustrations are done in oil on gessoed illustration board. In addition to the portfolios on his website for illustrations and sketches, you will find additional images on his blog, along with preliminary studies, figure drawings and still life paintings.

Of particular interest are a series of postings showing his working process, as in this post about the illustration of an angel contemplating a rose shown above, top.

Anderson also occasionally posts about artists that he admires, including his recent post about J.C. Leyendecker, which I mentioned here.

Also of interest are his posts about the “Dialog sketchbook” (also here), chronicling progress on a Moleskine sketchbook that he and illustrator Peter Cusak have been passing back and forth, each artist in turn painting a two-page spread before returning it to the other.

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  1. It’s clear who were his idols, and that’s ok. However the quality of his work varies, judging by the examples here. Beckett is OK (probably because he did it from photo), but he seem to have problems with anatomy here and there, particularly when it comes to foreshortening (angel’s face and hands, trumpeters)

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