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Dyana E. Hesson
I’m not always appreciative of floral subjects in paintings, too often they focus on the pretty at the expense of the beautiful.

Dyana E. Hesson is an artist who was born in California and is now living in Arizona, where she earned her degree in art from Arizona State University. She paints floral and botanical subjects with a difference, seeming to focus on each individual petal as if it was a sculptural object, wrapped in light and shadow.

Many of her luminous oils are painted at a relatively large scale, 40 x 40″ (100 x 100cm) or larger, though some are considerably smaller. She finds intricate landscapes of form within flowers, and renders them as crisply delineated shapes with rich colors, often accentuated by dark, softly gradated backgrounds.

Her subjects include plant forms other than flowers, and all of them have sense of botanical accuracy, though I’m certainly no expert in judging that.

Her website has a section of Original Oils, which is divided into sub-sections, as well as a section of limited edition prints. You can find additional galleries of her work on the websites for David Bonner Galleries (also here, here and here) and Manitou Galleries.

Hesson is featured in the current (January, 2011) issue of American Art Collector.


3 responses to “Dyana Hesson”

  1. WHEN student Ambroise Vollard first saw a Cézanne painting in a Paris dealer’s window, he regretted bitterly that he couldn’t afford it. “I thought to myself how nice it must be to be a picture dealer,” he wrote later. “Spending one’s life among beautiful things like that.”

    Barbara Isenberg on Ambroise Vollard, the famous art dealer.

  2. Wow! She did a very good job on these. They’re gorgeous!

  3. Diane Roth Woody Avatar
    Diane Roth Woody

    Dyana captures the essence of her subjects with such clarity and light and color; I can get lost looking at a petal or leaf. All so beautiful.