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Charles Kaufman
Charles Kaufman is a painter, cartoonist, illustrator and comics artist. His work has appeared in a long list of publications, from underground comix and CARtoons to the Wall Street Journal-Europe, Focus, Computer Artist, Editor & Publisher, New Media and a host of others, along with a range of commercial clients.

His is the creator of Fred and Frank, a long running comics series published for U.S. military personnel stationed in Europe from 1979-1992.

Kaufman works both in digital media and traditional media like acrylic and pen and ink, applying his off-kilter style to gallery paintings as well as illustrations and cartoons.

His paintings, in acrylic on canvas and sometimes other supports like wood or paper, are often of cubist influenced compositions involving women, or wine, or wine and women, as well as a few other subjects including a selection of stylized landscapes. Kaufman has a description of his painting process here.

Among his choice of unusual supports for paintings are crushed soft drink or beer cans, panted with acrylic. The finished piece is then framed for hanging. His crushed can art is featured on both a website and blog.

Kaufman also creates limited edition 3-D constructions that are probably a little difficult to convey in photographs.

In addition he creates “Fish Art” under the pseudonym of F. Frank.

Some of Kaufman’s work is collected in a book called Detail Views: Paintings within paintings, that is available from Back Wall Art. New collections of his 116 Faces and Crushed Can Art are due soon.


2 responses to “Charles Kaufman”

  1. Genius. Green Art!

  2. Thanks for educating me about this artist. Although I have seen his work for years, I didn’t know anything about him. I absolutely love the ‘bones’ of his style. Well drawn, with just the right amount of painterly texture to add to the structure.