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Olga Dugina & Andrej Dugin (update)

Olga Dugina & Andrej Dugin
When I wrote about the intricate, richly textured and wonderfully idiosyncratic illustrations of Olga Dugina & Andrej Dugin back in 2006, they did not have a dedicated web presence.

Since then, Dugin has established a website, Duginart, that represents both artists (they are married).

The Gallery has sections devoted to illustration by each artist, as well as the more familiar work done jointly, along with paintings and graphics by Dugin.

Unfortunately, the reproductions on their site are frustratingly small and don’t give an adequate feeling for the texture and detail in the work.

I stumbled across this unofficial post of some of their work, another here, an unofficial gallery here (click through twice to larger image), and there is also a selection here.

For the best look at their work, of course, see it in print. You can find several of the books they have illustrated on Amazon.

For more, see my previous post about Olga Dugina & Andrej Dugin


14 responses to “Olga Dugina & Andrej Dugin (update)”

  1. This is lovely work. Thank you for including the extra links (the images ARE far too small on the official site…such a shame, with all that lovely detail!).

  2. It was a great day some years ago when i discovered their work. They get far too little recognition. The fact that their names were left off of the Madonna book cover still chaps my ass.

  3. Can I just say that I love your website? I look forward to it every day! Thanks!

  4. raffaele Avatar

    i followed a workshop with the two of them in november in milan! theyll hold another one in spring i think..
    they are super nice people and the workshop was fantastic!! i tought i knew something about water colours but i was left completely grounded!

  5. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do to share these great artists’ work with everyone. I look forward to your posts- the variety of the work inspires me and makes me happy. I have a lifetime of experience with visual art of all kinds, but it’s always fun to see other people’s favorites, and where theirs cross over with your own. THANKS 🙂 Stacie

  6. this artist has some very phallic symbols going on man!!

    Enjoy your blog.

  7. The detail in these is remarkable. Thanks so much for this.

  8. Gorgeous fantastical works. At first glimpse seem to be produced from long ago dead artists.. work educated from the past I’ve see cropping up in American art lately.. i.e. naturalists, medieval, cartographic..

  9. I thought I knew what a really great watercolor art is, until – several years ago – I came across a mesmerizing sample of their art in one of the Spectrum annual. I instantly ordered all books they have illustrated. A&O Dugin are not great artists, they are geniuses.

  10. What great news! Can’t get enough of their work.

  11. Wow, they are so beautiful!
    you can see more at their official website

  12. ouh god…. i love this one…

  13. Many, many years ago I worked at a wonderful children’s book store and illustration gallery – now out of buisness. We carried the Dugin’s original watercolors. I feel so fortunate (and smart, for a change) that I purchased one while I could. Their work is phenomenal in person! Thank you for sharing their work with a wider audience.

  14. thankyou for this line, thankyou for both of artist. I saw once in their book for madonna. it does not no matter that book for kid. I like these art and I keep it because their work is Amazing. Bravo.

    thankyou very much.