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Ben Mauro
Benjamin Mauro is a concept artist and designer for the gaming and feature film industries, whose credits include work for WETA Workshop, Design Studio Press, LucasFilm, Sony Pictures Animation and others.

His work has been featured in books like Expose 5, Expose 7 and D’Artiste Concept Art from Ballistic Publishing, and Alien Race and Cosmic Motors from Design Studio Press.

Mauro studied at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts and the Art Center College of Design.

His brightly imaginative take on monsters, mecha, alien worlds and other fantastic environments is marked by an affinity for texture, solidity of form and a nicely offbeat feeling for the concept of “alien” lifeforms.

His environments can be moody and atmospheric as well as future tech, and are often punctuated with glowing lights and highlights that give them an added dimension of visual interest.

There is a gallery of work on his website, with additional work and alternate or preliminary versions on his blog. There is also an archive of older work here, and a gallery on CGHub.


2 responses to “Ben Mauro”

  1. I Love your work. I don’t see many sifi movie or games but the top paintings looks a lot like it could be across between Startreck Borg with a StarWars Deathstar growing out of his neck.
    The second seams very Rats of Nihm esk

  2. I’m not into gaming or other related industries but I find the first image interesting. It looks like the posters I want printed for my room. I’m afraid of monsters but I’d pick one and give it to my brother (if that could be printed). Thanks for sharing!