Sometimes the Stars

Sometimes the Stars
Sometimes the Stars (Vimeo link) is a short (4½ minute) animation produced by Luke Jurevicius and directed by Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment (for full credits list, click on the “Description” link under the animation on the Vimeo page).

Elegant and understated, deftly realized in tones of gray, the wistful and somewhat enigmatic short follows a young girl’s journey on a train.

The animation was made to accompany a song of the same title, Sometimes the Stars, by the Audreys.

(This is what The Spirit should have looked like.)

[Via Max the Mutt Animation School (@MaxtheMutt on Twitter)]

2 Replies to “Sometimes the Stars

  1. Wow, that was ridiculously beautiful. Thanks for sharing this, I doubt I would’ve ever found it otherwise.

  2. You never cease to dazzle with finds like this. Wonderfully executed with ‘star’ power to boot. A nice five minute suspension of reality, which is what I think the animated art should be about.

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