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Not the usual Van Goghs

Vincent van Gogh
Browse through a dozen different books on Vincent van Gogh and chances are you’ll see many of the same paintings again and again.

You might be tempted to think he had a limited oeuvre, but nothing could be further from the truth. Van Gogh was astonishingly prolific, particularly in light of the fact that his active career barely spanned 10 years. The books, except for the most complete, have simply chosen to play it safe by repeating his “greatest hits”.

In honor of Van Gogh’s birthday, here is a modest selection of some works you don’t often see. These were taken from the Vincent van Gogh Gallery website (see my post here), where you can find many more.


7 responses to “Not the usual Van Goghs”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful posting.
    Van Gogh is my favorite painter, and I have been frustrated by the repetitive scarcity of his works in print -just got myself a supposed total overview of his paintings, but as you say, he also produced drawings.
    Following your carefully collected links led me to a perfectly beautiful hour of browsing on an otherwise crummy morning.

  2. WOW! An Oriental – complete with marginal Kanji. Simply amazing. Another great find, Charley.

  3. Great post and nice to see a couple fo my favourites in there. It’s true what you say, does tend to be the same sunflowers and staryy night over and over again.

  4. Thanks for sharing these. These are fantastic. I got a Van Gogh calendar for this year and there are a couple of those never-seen-before paintings on it. Such a pleasant surprise.

  5. Love this! Hard to believe his career only spanned 10 years and yet his work lives on all these years later.

  6. Somehow, in all this time, it had not registered that van Gogh’s painting life was only ten years long. Astonishing–and I thank you again for reminding us how varied his work was.

  7. Andrew C Avatar
    Andrew C

    These are lovely. You can get so used to the same old images that you begin to forget that there is a reason Van Gogh was one of the greats. Then you can see something new, with fresh eyes, and again you can go…damn I wish I was that good.