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David Curtis
UK Artist David Curtis paints in both oil and watercolor. He can use either medium to evoke sun filled scenes, rich with the contrast between deep dark and brilliant highlights, as well as the muted values of an overcast day.

In both mediums, he uses a rich palette, with color juxtapositions that make even his muted hues seem alive and energetic.

Curtis tackles a wide variety of plein air landscape subjects, from seaside to forest, city boulevards to small town gardens, as wall as boats, cars, trains and rustic interiors.

Cutis is the author of several books on painting, including A Light Touch: Successful Painting In Oils and A Personal View – David Curtis -The Landscape in Watercolor; and co-authored with Robin Capon, Painting with Impact, Light and Mood in Watercolour and Capturing the Moment in Oils.

He also has a number of instructional videos, some with titles corresponding to his books, A Light Touch: Landscapes in Oils with David Curtis, Light in the Landscape with David Curtis, A Personal View: Landscapes in Watercolour with David Curtis, Light Effects in Watercolour with David Curtis and Capturing the Moment in Oils. You can see trailers for some of them on YouTube.

Curtis’s website has three galleries, for watercolor, oil and a mixed selection of recent work.

There is an article about Curtis on Katherine Tyrrell’s Art of the Landscape that lists books and videos.


7 responses to “David Curtis”

  1. I took one look at the second from the top and the first word that came to me was ‘alive’. It reminded me instantaneously of a winter morning on the ranch, bitter cold, and although it looked to me like ocean in the far distance, it could have been mountains – to me. The man certainly has a way with plein air.

  2. I’m a huge fan of David’s work – and his watercolors in particular. His subjects are so diverse, and you’re right about his use of color – everything from the most saturated darks to squinty, gossamer lights. You can almost smell the air in his landscapes. One of the things I really appreciate about his work is compelling composition. Angles swaying to the right or left – just off center, and always so much invitation for the eye to roam a meandering path through the painting. I wish I could see his work in person. Thanks for this post.

  3. Brian Harrison Avatar
    Brian Harrison

    Oh my goodness, this work is absolutely stunning – the originals must be mind blowing !
    Having lived the early part of my life in the U.K. these paintings immediately resonate with all that I loved ( and miss ) around the countryside, villages and towns.
    Thank, Charley for another wonderful posting – you really do spoil us all !!!

  4. Let’s face it – there are hundreds of skilled landscape painters around whose works look the same.
    Not so with David Curtis. He is not just another plein air painter, he is a master. I have two of his books, Painting with Impact and Capturing the Moment in Oils. Great reproductions and useful pieces of advice.

  5. All of his DVD’s are EXCELLENT. I own all 7 of them!! His oil painting DVDs “Light in the Landscape” and “Capturing the Moment in Oil” each have 5 Demos!! From beginning to end! He’s remarkable. And, to top if all off, he talks while painting in a lovely soft voice (with a great English accent) explaining everything he’s doing. INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED.

  6. I have watched David’s video on light in the landscape and widh to know if he does plein air workshops in oils and if they are in Cornwall.

    1. I don’t see mention of current workshops on his website. However, his website has a contact form, through which you can inquire directly.