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Free Comic Book Day 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011
Tomorrow, Saturday, May 7, 2011 is Free Comic Book Day here in the U.S. Once again a chance for comic book shops to open their doors to the curious and unaccustomed, hold special events, creator signings and sales; and for publishers to show off their wares in special titles and editions created for the occasion, to be given away free at the stores.

For more, see the Free Comic Book Day site, which includes as always a zip code based comic book store locator, an introduction for those new (or returning) to comic books, lists of creator signing events, and lists of the ranges of comics being given away.

This year the comics lists include a preview feature, which can be enlarged to preview the comics full screen.

For more information and a better description of free comic book day (and why you may want to avail yourself of the opportunity), see my previous posts listed below.


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  1. Aw yes, I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Thank you for sharing.