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Amy Casey
In her most recent series of paintings Cleveland based artist Amy Casey takes familiar structures, largely typical urban and suburban houses and commercial buildings, and arranges them in the context of unfamiliar structures — strands of webbing, extended strings, coils of roads or walls — effectively reframing them and forcing us to look at them in a different way, to delightful effect.

Her colorful, graphically rendered compositions are full of movement and energy, though the subjects are objects seldom associated with movement.

Her online gallery is arranged chronologically. As you go back in time, you’ll find different variations on her themes, and get a sense of the development of her current direction.

[Via Escape Into Life]


One response to “Amy Casey”

  1. Katrina Avatar

    These paintings kind of remind me of Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities”.

    Here is the excerpt: “There is a precipice between two steep mountains: the city is over the void, bound to the two crests with ropes and chains and catwalks. You walk on the little wooden ties, careful not to set your foot in the open spaces, or you cling to the hempen strands.”