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Rembrandt and his School at the Frick

Rembrandt and his School at the Frick
The Frick Collection in New York, which I wrote about here, is remarkably deep with masterworks for a collection of its size. One area of depth is 3 superb paintings by Rembrandt (images above, top three), as well as a collection of prints and drawings.

These form the core of an exhibition ending May 15, 2011, Rembrandt and His School: Masterworks from the Frick and Lugt Collections. 66 works on paper are on loan from the latter collection in Paris (images above, bottom two).

Inexplicably, the paintings mentioned in the website pages about the exhibition are not linked to the zoomable detail images available in the display of the permanent collection, but you can access them here and here.

You can also supplement your viewing with the Rembrandt van Rijn: Life and Work site.


2 responses to “Rembrandt and his School at the Frick”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    My Grandpa whom I never met, was named Frits Lugten, so it’s nice to know of the Frits Lugt collection.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Frits Lugt was a hoarder in a positive sense.