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Four Go Painting in Provence

Four Go Painting in Provence, Katherine Tyrrell, Sarah Wimperis, Robyn Sincliar and Ronelle van Wyk
In what would surely count as a dream painting excursion in the eyes of many artists, myself included, four painter/bloggers who are familiar to many, Katherine Tyrrell, Sarah Wimperis, Robyn Sincliar and Ronelle van Wyk, arranged a joint painting trip to Provence in the south of France.

With the exception of Van Wyk, who could only join them for a week, they are staying for several weeks in the department of Vaucluse, of the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Not only are they painting in the general region of France where Van Gogh and Cézanne painted, they are staying in the home of contemporary painter Julian Merrow-Smith, while he and his wife are in England.

Merrow-Smith is known for his beautiful small paintings as displayed on his blog, Postcard from Provence.

The four have a joint blog devoted to their stay, Four Go Painting In Provence, posting both information about the region and their painted an drawn interpretations of it as they create them, as well as posting work and accounts on their own individual blogs in their usual manner.

The group blog includes links to their individual projects, as well as a page on the places they’ve painted and information on art materials and equipment.

If, like me, this kind of painting trip is high on your list of “would love to do” but not in the current realm of practicality (sigh), you can enjoy vicariously through the blog(s). You can read about their experiences to date, and continue to follow them for the remaining 10 days of their stay.

(Images above: Katherine Tyrrell, Sarah Wimperis, Robyn Sincliar and Ronelle van Wyk)


5 responses to “Four Go Painting in Provence”

  1. Wow – thanks Charley! 🙂 We started the blog as it seemed a shame to not share what we’re all getting uptp – plus it’s introduced us all to blogging while away as well as at at home.

  2. I was invited and couldn’t go due to teaching committements :>(

    but I’m enjoying the trip vicariously :>)

    maybe next year ….

    1. Think of it as them laying the groundwork for your trip next year (grin).

      In the meanwhile, other readers can see Vivien Blackburn’s colorful, richly textural evocations of the English countryside, shoreline and waterways here.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, and yes, this is very high on my painting “to-do” list, or as I like to think of it, my painting “bucket list”! The American Northest is beautiful, but quite as inspirational as Provence.

  4. Bennett Avatar

    Wow! These are lovely artworks. Reminds of the country, chateau and the soft glow of afternoon sunshine. iUniverse