Nina Johansson

Nina Johansson
Swedish artist, designer and teacher Nina Johansson subtitles her website “Because drawing is good for you”, and its pages are filled with the ripe, healthy fruit of that philosophy, lots of wonderful drawings, sketches and watercolors.

Johansson seems to take as her favorite subject that most perfect of all drawing subjects — what’s in front of her at any given moment, be it food, a street, cars, plants, buildings, train passengers, a camera, pens, hands, pedestrians or travel scenes.

Her efficient, casual notation, textural ink lines, pencil shadings and brilliant dashes of watercolor enliven her take on even the most mundane of subjects.

She also has a portfolio of more finished work and several galleries of sketchbooks. The home page of her site is arranged as a blog.

You can also find her work posted on Urban Sketchers.

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  1. Nina is one of my faves! I hadn’t seen the sketches of Baloo before either and I love them. Nice to see her profiled here and glad to have just found your site. I’ll be back!

  2. I like this selection of her work. I look at the Johansson site often, but this set together really emphasizes those aspects that is so nice about her sketches.

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