Everything is its own reward: An All Over Coffee Collection, Paul Madonna

Everything is its own reward, All over coffee by Paul Madonna
Even before seeing it in person, I will without hesitation or reservation recommend Paul Madonna’s Everything is its own reward: An All Over Coffee Collection, the second collection of his remarkable feature in the San Francisco Chronicle, All Over Coffee.

For more detail, see the review on Parka Blogs.

For more of me raving about this wonderful and unique combination of thought provoking words and beautiful wash drawings, see my previous post: Paul Madonna: All Over Coffee.

The pages on the site of publisher City Lights for his first collection of All Over Coffee and this collection both feature downloadable PDFs of the cover and first several drawings from the volume.

Do yourself a favor and download them to see the drawings above and others reproduced larger.

Then grab the books.

Then check out his new collaborative features in which he works back and forth with other writers. (See numbered links in right column.)

Then find the latest feature on the SFGate page for All Over Coffee, then check out the Archive, and then come back again and again, waiting for the next entry.


5 Replies to “Everything is its own reward: An All Over Coffee Collection, Paul Madonna”

  1. Your last post on “All Over Coffee” turned me on to his work, and since then I’ve become a fan of Paul Madonna’s unique viewpoint. I love his upshot angles, use of cast shadows, and wonderful croppings of ordinary corners of the urban world.

  2. Wow. His precision and expressiveness with wash is beautiful and daunting. Looking at his site and books you can see how the years of practice and concentration have paid off. And the words engage the rest of the mind, and often the heart, for a “slow down” as you put it in your previous review of All Over Coffee. I just ordered one of the books after viewing a few dozen of the images on the Chronicle and Rumpus websites.

    Thanks for the work you put into this site – it’s one of my favorites. I never fail to be inspired, which sends me back to my own painting and drawing with renewed energy. I’ve bought several books now, after reading your reviews, and I haven’t been disappointed.

  3. For once, I found something on my own before seeing it here. I bought it, brought it home and went through the whole thing immediately. The reproductions are gorgeous and the level of drawing is wonderful.

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