Ken Reid’s World Wide Weirdies

Ken Reid's World Wide Weirdies
Ken Reid was a British comics artist who worked in newspaper comics in the middle of the 20th Century and later moved into working for comic books, notably for The Beano.

He is probably best remembered now for his later series of comically horror-themed posters called World Wide Weirdies that ran in a publication called Whoopee!.

These were often intricately detailed (the small reproductions here don’t do them justice) and wonderfully grotesque; as well as frequently quite funny. They were based on puns or other naming suggestions submitted by readers. Reid drew them in a circular frame surrounded by smaller drawings of oddball characters, of which there were at least two sets.

There is an extensive Flicker set of Reid’s World Wide Weirdies, as well as other articles and mentions that I’ll try to list below.

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  1. Thanks for this. First time I’ve seen a post about Ken Reid! I have a book of his about Fudge the Elf (Fudge’s Trip to the Moon) and some years ago I wrote to him. His agent answered the letter and said that Ken Reid had been amused when I’d referred to his character as ‘esoteric’ (because I’d not come across anyone else who knew who he was!)

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