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L.D. Austin
Laurel D. Austin is a concept artist, illustrator and sculptor originally from Canada, based for several years in the UK where she was Senior Concept Artist for Splash Damage, and now living in California where she will be working with Blizzard Entertainment.

Here website has galleries of illustration, concept art, sketches and 3D work. The latter showcases physical sculpture, though she also does some 3D computer modeling.

I particularly enjoy the way she utilizes suggestions of texture in her digital painting, while maintaining a loose, painterly feel in many pieces.

Her blog includes a video step through of her process on her illustration “The Egg Thief” (image above, top), as well as larger versions of some of the pieces in her portfolio.

The sketchbook section of her site contains some nicely handled life drawings done in conté and charcoal on toned paper.

There is also a gallery of her work on CGHub.


One response to “L.D. Austin”

  1. Concept art – what talent it is throwing up. I particularly like the humour in the first image – ha !